LHS Art Supplies - 2nd Nine Weeks

LHS Art Supplies - 2nd Nine Weeks 2020
Posted on 11/09/2020
art supplies2nd Nine Weeks - Art Supplies are Ready

You or a family member or a trusted family friend can pick up art supplies at LHS.

Monday - Friday 8am - 3 pm.

Please email me if you need an evening time pickup..... All materials need to be picked up as soon as possible so your student does not get behind on instruction.

They are in front of the auditorium. Whomever needs to have on a mask and be healthy. You will speak to the person on the door buzzer. Let them know you are picking up your art supplies for this 9 weeks.

Please remember to tell family members your class block, that is how they are labeled. Then I also have a class roster printed out on the front of each plastic container. In case there is confusion.

Your name is on your package for all levels. Your package is in the box labeled with your art level and block.

Please note: Art 1 and Art 2 your materials are in one bag.

Art 3 and 4 you must pick up your bag and two items out of the purple box.... You may want to pick the items up yourself so you can choose your materials. You will need one artist book attached to a canvas board and one tube set of paper.

Please use the honor system and only take the supplies with your name on them.

Here are the photos of how the materials are set up....Art Supplies = All.jpg

All art classes are in the plastic containers going by art level and block.

Block 2 is the 1st container ( Art One), Block 6 is the 2nd container ( Art One), Block 7 is the 3rd container ( Art One),

Block 5 is the 4th container ( Art 2), Block 3 is the 5th container ( All Art 3), then the purple 6th container that ART 3 and 4 must pull from,

Block 3 is the 7th container Art 4.

Art Supplies Art 3 & 4.jpg Art Supplies Extra.jpg

Art 3 and 4 pay attention, please. Read the outside of the purple container.

You need an artist book that is clipped to a canvas board and a tub set of paper.

We have two art competitions and one art show... make sure you gather your materials.

Students and Families supplies have been provided and they need to be picked up from school. This allows students to be creative outside of working on the computer. We have many art shows and competitions in the 2nd 9 weeks. All art students will be required to make works of art for these shows as grading. They may select to submit or not submit for the art shows and competitions. Students need the materials from school to be successful for this 9 weeks. Please keep all materials given as students will need all of the supplies from the 1st and 2nd nine weeks when we return to the in school classroom setting. Students will have to have their own set of supplies in which I have given to the students this school year. They will bring them with them to school when we start hybrid instruction.

Thank you so very much and we are super excited to be starting our 2nd 9 weeks.

You can reach me by email at any time angelawhite@spsk12.net
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